Voltage Drop Tester

The SureView Voltage Drop Tester combines millivolt drop test, contact resistance measurement and a current source of 100% duty cycle in a single, portable and light-weight package. The current is settable up to 8000A max (constant current mode). The dedicated micro-controller based module conducts the routine, saves the settings and test recipe and, outputs results on the on-board HMI as well as to PC. 

The voltage drop tester has a 0.2 class accuracy.

PC based application software designed in LabVIEW can display the test results & export those to Spreadsheet, HTML, Printer or PDF.

This Voltage Drop Tester comes with a 3 year warranty. SureView is an SCR company, making test equipment since 1975.


Millivolt Drop Tester
Operating the voltage drop tester -

 The current can be set & read from the PLC. The user needs to connect the Output-terminals to the conducting part so as to pass current. The probes for millivolt drop measurement are connected to the two points so as to measure the millivolt drop between those two points and calculate contact resistance measurement.

DC Constant Current Source -

This is a DC constant current source of continuous duty cycle with line & load regulation better than 0.2%. Its output (test) current is governed by the PLC (in automatic version) or with the multi-turn potentiometer (in manual version). This unit is light in weight and portable with great degree of reliability. Thus, the voltage drop tester can also be used as a stand-alone DC constant current source.

Price & Specifications MVDT 05 MVDT 10 MVDT 20 MVDT 40
Output Current (Ampere DC) 2 to 50A DC 5 to 100A 10 to 200A 20 to 400A
Output Voltage (Volts) 5V 2V 2V 2V
Line Regulation 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Load Regulation 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Measurement Accuracy 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
Milivolt Range 0 to 400 / 4000mV 0 to 400 / 2000mV 0 to 400 / 2000mV 0 to 400 / 2000mV
Size (H x W x D mm) 370 x 190 x 370 370 x 190 x 370 480 x 175 x 400 480 x 400 x 450
Weight (kG) 10kG 10kG 15kG 25kG
ExWorks Price (US Dollar) 1200$ 1800$ 2200$ 2600$

For current sources above 400A, please contact us for technical specifications & price.

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