IIoT from SureView

If you arrived here from our first Facebook post, you might have chuckled seeing us to claim to do all of Industrial Internet of Things! So first, a little disclaimer: If you are working on next generation rockets to make fast to & fro Mars expeditions or developing nanorobot to cure Alzheimer, you should look for a company called Alphabet (or perhaps PTC).

However, if you are making washing machines, cosmetics, drugs, oil, tyres, beverages, cables or electric motors – we most probably have solutions ready for you. If you are researching in clean fuel, advanced industrial material or just making better induction motors – we are of great value to you. We make in-house some of the common sensors, have an expert team for embedded systems & cloud based development and immense expertise in industrial automation. Many ingredients that are going to be needed in your projects are available with us. In other cases, we cut-short your time in integration & interop. Our group has a history of over 40 years in electrical test & measurement.

We zealously work with your scientists and engineers to reach your company’s goals in time & in a reasonable cost.

We have served some of the best companies out there – Reliance Industries Limited, Siemens, L&T, UL, Philips and so on..

In updates to this post, we are outlining some of our past projects. If you wish to see our complete portfolio, please contact me anytime using the form on this blog or our company ‘Contact Us’ page. Thanks for visiting.. Have a great year ahead!