Sureview Instruments was incorporated in 2015 to focus on certain specialty products. We have served clients in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Saudi Arabia & USA including NIFTEM, IIFPT, Ion Exchange, Barium Selat, King Saud University, Portescap (A Danaher company), Blondal, Maximator, ISRO and Reliance Industries Limited.

We have accomplished challenging software projects such as semi-conductor inspection using computer vision, mission-critical control-systems in oil drilling, controller for atomic force microscope, etc.
We have solid electrical engineering background owing to our group’s presence since 1975. We have 3 modern factories (2 in Dombivali near Mumbai and 1 in Murbad, further from Mumbai) with extra-ordinary tools normally not used by competing companies. Apart from Industrial-Internet of Things, we make Pulsed Electric Field Generators, Fuel-cell test equipment, LabVIEW based systems & more.

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