The magic is in the software.

When I was in college, one of my most loved book was Data Structures + Algorithms = Software. Now in 2019, it’s debatable! Big data on cloud requires efficient handling. Enter machine learning, and you have to be a star.

My very best friend in school used to play word games with me. I was not artfully linguist then like her. We went to the same Math, Mental Ability and English tuitions. That is where my inclination to read beyond school-books began.. I think in retrospect, that was the best time spent. Because of her it became my nature to read as much as I can from poetry to philosophy, from autobiographies to the type of books that Richard Koch writes, from travel-books to computer languages. Having a company like that is sheer luck. Being born in the same time the first IBM-compatible was launched is a happy co-incidence. Now, after all the books I have read – I like learning about probability the most!

This is why the magic is in the software of the products we do.

In factory & laboratory automation today – network security, minimising worker fatigue, predicting machine failure, programming alerts smartly, simplifying reports and keeping the cost of software projects call for a great software engineering team.

I have a brilliant team with cross-platform experience in Windows, Azure, LabVIEW, C++, C, iOS, Android and .NET. My favourite is Visual Studio and LabVIEW. Albeit, the team has the freedom to choose the tools they like. And sometimes the client selects the tools for us. We have worked for Reliance Industries Limited, Philips, UL, Siemens, Wipro, GE and other leading companies. Thus we know how to deliver the very best!

While we cannot disclose our code and all UIs, some snaps are available here –

  5. (I’m going to update more snaps on our website shortly as I don’t have it on this laptop.)

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