Data Acquisition Systems

For over 10 years now we have been using NI Data Acquisition Instruments with LabVIEW. While it is preferable to use instruments like CompactRIO for solutions that have a high price-tag, we also make benches where the data acquisition systems have to be highly reliable as well as low cost.

Hence we developed data acquisition instruments where we control both quality and price. This year, we are making it available to everyone.

We made these instruments in select configuration because we don’t plan to focus on this segment. But I hope you will find the instrument configuration interesting. Here’s how we made it:

  1. Low Sampling rate & cost but with 24-bit ADC resolution
  2. High Channel Count, e.g. 20 Analog Outputs on single board
  3. High Speed Analog Input with 10 or 12-bit ADC resolution.
  4. Very Low cost with high analog input channel count
  5. Data acquisition instrument for Industrial Internet of Things (like MultiFly). These boards not only have Analog/Digital IO but also have modbus to read your existing equipment.
  6. Edge devices for Industrial Internet of Things where you have sensors or system with data-logger but you need an edge device to connect it to cloud
  7. Data Acquisition Instruments with on-board SD card or USB (Pen drive) with low-cost board (Raspberry Pi)

We have limited the bus to Ethernet and WiFi (sorry no USB). They can be used with any Windows PC or any PLC.

All of these have excellent accuracy as we selected ICs from established vendors like AD, Maxim, NXP etc.

These instruments come in handy in many cases even if cost isn’t your concern.

This instrument has an Ethernet interface and many of these can be spread out in the field. Thus the data is collected nearest to the source and just 1 Ethernet cable from the hub brings the data to PLC in the control room. Advantages: high SNR, cuts the cable clutter, makes maintenance easy and saves cost (since the PLC AI cards are all eliminated). Obviously you can use it with PC as well.

A huge advantage we exploit is that we use it in combination with other instruments from companies who specialize in such instruments. Presently we do not have anything above 10MSpS, so we plan to use something like Gage (CompuScope) for ATEs that need 1GSpS

These have 20 Analog Inputs / Outputs, so it’s a good idea to use it in combination with others:

I hope you find an application to use these. Please send inquiries to