Data-logger with 4G Internet Connectivity

SureView Instruments has developed a data-logger which uploads data directly to cloud services such as Azure or Amazon AWS. This perfect IoT device can be used with any sensor!

Data-logger with 4G to read any sensor and upload to the Cloud directly.
Data-logger with 4G internet connectivity to read sensors and upload to the Cloud directly

This data-logger has: Analog Inputs that can read -10V to 10V signal (or 0-20mA), Reconfigurable Digital Inputs/Outputs, High-speed counters, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port and a 4G modem to sync with any cloud such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Data-logger that can read your measurement instruments and act as an IoT Edge

Apart from the above features, it has ModBus for to-and-fro communication between the cloud of your choice and your test & measurement instruments. It is all industrial grade and comes with an Real-time OS so, you can program any functionality just like your favorite PLC or PC.

It is neatly compatible with NI LabVIEW. We provide protocols so you can use it in any of your IoT project as a data-acquisition device. It is very easy to configure and install with the help of the operating manual.

We have developed a slave device for this. That slave device has all the functionality of this data-logger except a 4G modem. They will function locally at their end and transfer data via Ethernet or WiFi to this data-logger. This data-logger will collect data from all slave devices as well as from its own sensors/ModBus and transfer all data to the cloud!

We have another model that features a 2G modem in lieu of 4G.

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