Wireless Data Acquisition Instruments

SureView Instruments makes complete basket of Wireless Data Acquisition Instruments. They support MQTT and are suitable for any IoT application or IoT based industrial automation. We have chosen the configuration of our Ethernet based or WiFi based Data Acquisition Instruments very selectively. Drawing from our group’s experience of over forty years in Industrial Automation and Test & Measurement, we have taken care that the channel count & configuration is most appropriate for peculiar applications. They are regularly used by us in high voltage and high current systems and thus, their surge/spike immunity is proven. In most of these devices we have used 24-bit ADCs with high accuracy & linearity throughout range.

Wireless data acquisition is a preferred over wired data transfer in scenarios where the sensors or instruments are spread across the field or factory. It eliminates the tiresome job of running cables and maintaining them. In a recent automated test equipment that we made, the only choice was transferring data with a Wireless data acquisition instrument known as MultiFly 01. The sensors were in a chamber and we were not allowed to make holes to the chamber for running wires.

wireless data acquisition instrument - with WiFi

All our wireless data acquisition systems can be used with any type of sensor since they can read any voltage value between -10 & 10V or current value between 0 & 20mA. We have used them with many automated test equipment and variety of sensors such as temperature, pressure, pH, velocity, load cells etc. We have used them with high voltage testers and high current controllers.

We have wireless DAQs with high speed ADCs as well. All our components are industrial grade are used by leading companies whom we have supplied parts or complete systems. We have made sure that you can use any programming language to build the Software application since we supply protocols & help manual along with any of this instrument. If you are using LabVIEW in your project, we have drivers ready to be used with any of our DAQ devices.

In case you are using a PLC instead of a PC, you can still use them. We have used our wireless data acquisition devices with Siemens Simatic PLCs extensively.

Recently (at the time of writing this blog-post), we launched a 4G data logger which has a 4G modem using which it uploads data directly to the cloud eliminating the PC/PLC totally.

Apart from Analog Inputs, our wireless DAQ devices have Analog Outputs (depending on the model), Configurable Digital Input/Outputs and high-speed counters.

An important aspect of MultiFly 01 and MultiFly 4G is that they can be doubled as an IoT Edge device. This is because we have kept the provision to read your other equipment such as analyzers, panel meters, etc. via ModBus. Hence you can connect your older equipment to your cloud with ease in addition to expanding capability of your system since these devices have provision to accommodate many sensors!

wireless data acquisition device

Apart from Industrial Automation, our wireless data acquisition instruments have many diverse applications. We ourselves have used these in Fuel-Cell Test Equipment, Control Systems for Water Treatment Plants and our Industrial Internet of Things projects. Our factories are located in Mumbai, India less than 45 km from airports in Mumbai. We have served Reliance Industries Limited, Voltas, Teknic, Legrand, UL, TUV, ERDA, ERTL, Panasonic, Legrand, Schneider, GE, Eaton, Ion Exchange, L&T, ABB, PSEG Nuclear, Siemens, Dubai Government, Indoasian, HPL, Portescap, UNH, Havells, Blondal and other leading clients.

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