Smoke Meter with Smoke Sensor

We have developed some niche panel meters in 2020. The Smoke Meter with Smoke Sensors is described in this blog post. This is a panel meter with a micro-controller for Smoke Detection & Measurement. It accommodates 4 smoke sensors and has digital output/relay that can turn on a fan or hooter. It measures the smoke level & you can program the threshold which when crossed, will cause the alarm to trigger. Thus the smoke meter can be used in your automation projects or as a stand-alone sensor in industrial or laboratory environments.

As you know, we also manufacture equipment like the Laboratory scale Pulsed Electric Field Generator. In such equipment, we do not normally use third-party panel meters because we need greater reliability that doesn’t come with cheap panel meters. Hence we make our own meters to guarantee flaw-less operation of the equipment. This smoke detector is one such reliable meter which you can use in critical applications such as oil & gas plants, laboratories, etc.

Smoke Meter with Smoke Sensor

We have a short video which shows the working of the smoke meter with 1 smoke sensor and a hooter which is turned on when the set threshold for smoke is reached. The threshold is settable for each channel.

How the Smoke Detector with Smoke sensor works is illustrated in this video

We have a variant model which can be used in electrical panels & assemblies. Apart from measuring the smoke level, that meter detects failure of fan by measuring the current level. If the current drops (open condition caused by the spoiled fan), the meter will trigger an alarm. Like-wise if the current increases, caused by jamming of the fan, the upper threshold will cause the alarm to trigger. In that meter we also have a temperature channel that takes care of the ‘Fan-Clogged’ condition as a secondary “safety valve”. Thus you can take actions to prevent damage to control panels or hazards in working area. More details will be shared soon on this page.

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