Internet Data-logger with channel-to-channel isolation. Read hundreds of measurements, Get all data on Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

In some industrial or laboratory applications a 16-channel or 32-channel DAQ card is simply not sufficient. Also, it can be prohibitively expensive to use a data acquisition device with channel-to-channel isolation. And, using a bank-to-bank isolation simply doesn’t cut it.. This is why SureView has developed this affordable data-logger rack which allows you to make hundreds of measurements (or more) simultaneously with total channel-to-channel isolation. You can connect several sensors of your choice (o-10V or 4-20mA) and safely connect them to live parts. All the parts and the data-logger rack as a whole is completely industrial grade. It’s designed for challenging environments – tested for extreme temperatures, humidity, flammable gases & vapors, vibration & shock. Our R&D Center & factories are in Dombivali which is near to Mumbai’s international airport. So if you wish to see a demo, feel free to contact me on email for appointment – sureview.mone[AT]pm[DOT]me & mone[AT]svinstruments[DOT]co[DOT]in

Internet Data-logger with channel-to-channel isolation for reading hundreds of sensors
The data-logger is shown here with a SureView MultiFly 4G which connects your measurement system to cloud

Data-logger racks with channel-to-channel isolation (with Ethernet & WiFi)

The main idea behind the design of this data-logger is expandability & affordability. So, you can start with fewer channels when you have less number of sensors. As & when your measurement requirement increases, you can expand your measurement system by adding cards in slots, and adding another rack if the number of channels in the existing data-logger rack is already 100. You can have a variant without isolation (for very low cost) in case you won’t be needing isolation. You can as well have isolated channels in some slots or racks while the others can be without isolation if you want to use in combination. The signal conditioning module, if needed will be specific as per measurement. We also have variants based on resolution of the ADC, e.g. the data-logger in photo is meant for high-precision temperature measurement.

Use with any platform like .Net or LabVIEW with your PC. Even works with any PLCs via Modbus. Tested with Siemens, Wago, Delta, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi & Schneider.

Although, you can easily hire us to build any industrial automation & control system for you, we provide the protocols (for free) to use this data-logger in your projects with any PC or PLC on WiFi or Ethernet (sorry, no USB). If you are using NI LabVIEW like we do, we will provide drivers (for free) ready to be used in your LabVIEW project. Please have a look at this page describing our software development service using NI LabVIEW. We also have a local touch-screen HMI that works with this data-logger. Although it can serve you with troubleshooting & configuration, most won’t need it since these functions are redundant.

If your project objects are all of these:

  • Low-cost
  • Highly robust & reliable
  • With a feature rich, Industry 4.0 ready SCADA
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to modify & maintain

You should consider using any PLC of your choice with NI LabVIEW like we do as described here.

Before I’m tempted to digress to show thousands of virtual instruments we have developed using LabVIEW for PC or CompactRIO, let me continue to IoT using this Data-logger.

Take it to the cloud – with MultiFly 4G

Okay, Multifly 4G is bit of an over-kill if you don’t need a Real-time OS (to run your control logic) and don’t wish to mix reading analog sensors along with your instruments having WiFi, Ethernet or USB. We have a low-cost & simple (but no simpler) device coming up in next few weeks that will connect instruments like this data-logger to the cloud using WiFi or 2G or 4G (just like the MultiFly series). The basic idea is same. The aggregator will read all these racks and upload data to the cloud service of your choice such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS (this will be useful if you don’t want to involve any PC etc., i.e. only use it via web dashboard & Apps). It will have a huge buffer memory to take care of intermittent disconnections.

And, see your measurements on stellar Apps – Android, iPad OS & iOS

Now, don’t get me started on the brilliant team we have at SureView to do your smart dashboards and cool Apps. They have repeatedly worked for demanding customer that include ISRO, Teknic, L&T, Eaton, Philips, Siemens, Honeywell, Raychem, C&S, Wipro, Ion Exchange, GE, Salzer, Bajaj, Intertek, ABB, Legrand, Havells, HPL, Panasonic, UL, ERDA, ERTL, PSEG Nuclear, Portescap (A Danaher company), Blue Star, Al Fanar, Awal Gulf, Voltas, Polycab, Carrier, V-Guard, Green Lumar, Thorn, AO Smith, Finolex, Indoasian, Whirlpool, Syska, Godrej, Crompton, Hager, CPRI, Nikdim and Reliance Industries Limited.

Wish to know more? Mail me on sureview.mone[AT]pm[DOT]me & mone[AT]svinstruments[DOT]co[DOT]in