about SureView


SureView Instruments offers Industrial Internet of Things in addition to our existing product line.

Our first blog, that explains our angle to Industrial Internet of Things, is here – https://sureview.blog/2019/01/01/industrial-internet-of-things-from-sureview-india-2019/

We are more of an Industry 4.0 solutions company, as discussed here – https://sureview.blog/2019/04/03/stop-work-at-5-30pm-sharp/

But we make DAQs, sensors & other parts in-house. By using our low-cost Edge Devices, you can connect your existing systems such as data-loggers etc. to the Internet/Cloud.

At times, you need to add sensors to your existing system in addition to making the system ‘smart’. In such special cases, you can use our products such as MultiFly 01. You can eliminate your PLC/PC/PAC, DAQ device and edge device altogether and still have an IIoT setup. It may be a completely new project or you may make your existing setup IIoT ready. All you need is some device like our MultiFly 4G.

We emphasize on making your existing machines Industry 4.0 ready instead of making you to upgrade your machines – Please visit this post..

We make low-cost Data Acquisition systems which can be used with any PLC or PC. If you have used DAQs before, you will love our DAQ-configurations and might use them with your usual DAQ.

We make most of our GUI in LabVIEW for PC based control & automation. As we do PLC based control systems, we have developed library for LabVIEW based SCADA for any PLC.

We have a strong electrical background for all sorts of control systems that involve mechatronics.

Apart from Industry 4.0, we offer special purpose products. See our website for more details – https://sureview.xyz

Here are our recent blog-posts –